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'Dedan's Lair' Unreal Engine 4 Environment

This is a personal project I worked on to develop my skills with Blender, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine 4.

The character, Dedan, and environment he's in, are inspired by a wonderfully odd indie game called 'OFF'. I was surprised to see there weren't any 3D recreations of the game's characters, and very few recreations of the environments, so I thought I'd give it a shot!

It took approximately 80 hours to fully create and record this environment and character, with around 50 hours going towards getting the character to a fully textured and animated state, 28 hours going to level editing and creating environmental assets and 2 hours to recording and editing.

Dedan's Lair Unreal Engine 4 Environment

James skinner dedan lair x1

Unreal Engine 4 Render 1

James skinner dedan lair x2

Unreal Engine 4 Render 2

James skinner dedan lair x3

Unreal Engine 4 Render 3

James skinner dedan lair x4

Unreal Engine 4 Render 4

James skinner dedan render2x

Textured Dedan Model Substance Painter Render

James skinner dedan model4

Texturing in Substance Painter

James skinner dedan animating

Animating in Blender

James skinner dedan texture

Dedan Diffuse Map

James skinner dedan normal

Dedan Normal Map

James skinner dedan roughness

Dedan Roughness Map

James skinner dedan emissive

Dedan Emissive Map

James skinner bigdoor texture

Large Door Diffuse Map

James skinner bigdoor normal

Large Door Normal Map

James skinner bigdoor metalic

Large Door Metallic Map