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Red Awakening Assets

These are some environmental assets created for the independent video game, Red Awakening. The game was unfortunately cancelled due to it not reaching its Kickstarter goal, but several of these assets can be seen in footage of the game, which is available on Youtube.

Red Awakening was going to be a multiplayer first-person shooter with a gritty, comic book style to its visuals. These assets were created for an abandoned asylum environment that would be in the game.

(Made with 3DSMax and Photoshop)

James skinner red awakening assets1

Examples of textured assets

James skinner red awakening electric chair switch

Example of electric chair switch asset ingame

James skinner dumpster wireframe

Dumpster Wireframe

James skinner dumpster texture2

Dumpster Diffuse Map

James skinner dumpster normalmap

Dumpster Normal Map

James skinner dumpster uvmap v3

Dumpster UV Map