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'Neoport' Unreal Engine 4 Environment

This environment was created in Unreal Engine 4 for one of my unviersity units in the second year. It includes a range of 3D assets, such as palm trees and houses, and an animated cyborg pirate character that utilises motion capture data.

As the environment was created for a hypothetical game, this environment runs smoothly in realtime.

Fully creating, and recording, the environment and character took approximately 244 hours in total.

16 hours went to creating concept art, 21 hours went to the low poly model of the pirate character, 8 hours went to UV mapping the pirate character, 62 hours went to sculpting high poly detail in Mudbox, 17 hours went to creating texture files for the pirate character, 4 hours went to mapping/blocking out the environment, 29 hours went to rigging, 84 hours went towards level editing and creating environmental assets, and 3 hours went to recording and editing.

(Made using 3DSMax, Mudbox, Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4)

Neoport Unreal Engine 4 Environment Video

James skinner neoportrender2x

Animated cyborg pirate character

James skinner neoportrender3x

Neoport street

James skinner neoportrender4x

Sea View

James skinner neoportrender5x

Wide shot of environment

James skinner pirateconcept

Cyborg Pirate Captain Concept Art

James skinner enviroment map

Environment Map

James skinner port3

Environment Concept Art

James skinner piratediffuse

Pirate Diffuse Map

James skinner pirategloss

Pirate Gloss Map

James skinner piratemap

Pirate Normal Map

James skinner piratespec

Pirate Specular Map

James skinner palmtree texture2

Palm Tree Diffuse Map

James skinner palmtree opacity

Palm Tree Opacity Map

James skinner palmtree normal

Palm Tree Normal Map