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Alien Chair Assets

These assets were created for my final year project at university. For this project I needed to create concept art for some 1970s sci-fi themed assets, and then create some 3D assets based on the concept art that would work well within Unreal Engine 4. The final assets you see came as a result of many iterations of concept art, and a few iterations of models.

These assets would be used in the environments of the 'triple A game project', a game project being worked on by a number of staff and students at the University of Portsmouth.

- Polygon Count -

Alien Chair 1 with cushion- 1,776 polys
Alien Chair 1 without cushion- 1,312 polys
Alien Chair 2 with cushion- 1,813 polys
Alien Chair 2 without cushion- 899 polys
Alien Chair 3 with cushion- 1,367 polys
Alien Chair 3 without cushion- 957 polys

(Made with 3DSMax, Mudbox and Photoshop)

James skinner chair1 render2x

Alien Chair 1

James skinner chair2 render2x

Alien Chair 2

James skinner chair3 render1x

Alien Chair 3

James skinner chair1redesign colour

Alien Chair 1 Concept Art

James skinner chair2 alien colour

Alien Chair 2 Concept Art

James skinner chair3alien colour

Alien Chair 3 Concept Art

Alien Chair Showcase (Unreal Engine 4)

James skinner chair1 wireframes

Alien Chair 1 (Cushioned/Non-Cushioned Variants) Wireframes

James skinner chair1 mudbox

Alien Chair 1 Element with High Poly Detail in Mudbox

James skinner alien chair1 diffuse

Chair 1 Diffuse Map

James skinner alien chair1 normal

Chair 1 Normal Map

James skinner alien chair1 specular

Chair 1 Specular Map

James skinner alien chair1 metallic

Chair 1 Metallic Map

James skinner chair1 blue uvmap

Chair 1 UV Map (Blue-Cushioned Version)