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'Demon of Justice' Mobile Game

'Demon of Justice' is a mobile game, now available for purchase on the Google Play Store, that I started developing, in Construct 2, back in 2015. Wanting to focus more on university work, I put it on the back-burner for a while, but in late 2017 I got back to work on it and eventually released it commercially to the Google Play Store in August 2018.

The aim of Demon of Justice is to stop various demon enemies from leaving the screen, and invading the nearby towns and cities. The player does this by tapping the screen and shooting a laser blast at them. To vary gameplay, there's occasionally 'boss demons' that need to be defeated before a level can end, and a shop where you can buy several different types of laser blasts that range in speed, size and effect.

(All enemies' animations were hand-animated in Game Maker Studio's sprite editor. Background elements were created using Photoshop.)

'Demon of Justice' Release Trailer

James skinner doj screen1 new

Menu Screen

James skinner doj screen7

Gameplay Screenshot 1

James skinner doj screen10

Gameplay Screenshot 2

James skinner doj screen12

Level Selection

James skinner doj screen8

Shop Screen

James skinner doj screen3

Boss Example 1

James skinner doj screen5

Boss Example 2

James skinner doj screen11

Gameplay Screenshot 3

James skinner doj screen13

Gameplay Screenshot 4