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James Skinner
James Skinner
3D Asset Modeller and Environment Artist
Walmer, United Kingdom


James Skinner



Creative and dedicated digital artist who has graduated with a 2:1 bachelor’s degree in Computer Games Technology from the University of Portsmouth. A specialist in 3D environmental art who has years of experience creating 3D and 2D digital art for indie video games and animations. Capable of working under pressure and working to deadlines. Owns a UK driving licence.

• Creative Expertise: Possesses ability to utilise strong technical knowledge of 3D art and animation to efficiently create interesting, visually appealing content.

• Flexibility: Able to work throughout the week, and over the weekend. Willing to work overtime when necessary.

• Communication: Has strong interpersonal communication skills and writing skills. Has the aptitude to build relationships. Capable of developing consensus with management and team members to achieve common goals.

• Quick Learning: Highly adaptable to new environments and capable of demonstrating expertise in team collaboration, time management, meeting participation, and research and analysis. Willing and able to relocate.


-Work Experience-

Blue Diamond Studios, Remote work for independent games studio based in Georgia, USA

3D Asset Modeller and Environment Artist, November 2020 to Present Day

• Utilising 3dsMax to create realistic, UV-mapped 3D models that are appropriately optimised for an open world fantasy game.

• Assigning material IDs to 3D models, so environment artists can easily apply a variety of reusable materials to a 3D model.

• Utilising Zbrush to create high-poly models and to sculpt intricate detail onto these high-poly models.

• Creating new PBR materials within Substance Painter.

• Sharing work-in-progress images and discussing ideas on the game development team’s Discord server.

St. Stephen’s Junior School, Canterbury, Kent

Graphic Artist (Voluntary) February 2018 to March 2018

Efficiently provided visually appealing artwork for St. Stephen’s Junior School's Twitter page and website.

• Utilised Adobe Photoshop to create a new profile picture and header to the specifications of the school’s I.C.T. technician. Used emails to communicate and discuss the changes necessary for new iterations of artwork.

NSC, Portsmouth, Hampshire

3D Artist, September 2016 to March 2017

In my third year of university, I worked as a 3D artist with a group of students who were tasked with creating a ‘virtual showroom’ for the military training, simulation and consultancy company, NSC.

• Utilised Autodesk 3dsMax and Adobe Photoshop to create a range of realistic, textured 3D assets representing NSC’s products and their office’s reception area. These assets would be seen within virtual reality.

• Optimised existing 3D military vehicle assets created by NSC to work smoothly within the game engine, Unity.

• Demonstrated quick learning skills by learning how to use Unity to create real-time environments. Created grassland environment within Unity and contributed towards the recreation of NSC’s reception area.

• Utilised Adobe Illustrator to create UI elements and 2D art that would help the user understand how to navigate the virtual showroom and use the HTC Vive controller. Utilised Adobe Photoshop to create a range of concept art.

Domino Effect Ltd, Canterbury, Kent

3D Artist, July 2013 to September 2014

Followed team leader’s instructions to provide over 50 game-ready 3D environmental assets (such as dumpsters, dental chairs and electric chair switches), and more than 80 texture files for the stylised first-person shooter game, Red Awakening. Utilised 3dsMax for modelling and UV mapping, and Adobe Photoshop for texturing. Contributed actively in weekly meetings to discuss common issues and share new ideas.

• Demonstrated communication skills at Insomnia Gaming Festival stall, by displaying Red Awakening to festival attendees and video game developers.

• Supported Red Awakening’s Kickstarter fund raising activity and produced £2,568 funds by utilising social media platforms and multiple sites for advertisement.

Zoom Photos, Deal, Kent

Sales Assistant (Work Experience), June 2011 to July 2011

Delivered excellent counter services with collaboration of other staff, which enhanced customer satisfaction rate.

• Promoted local photography competition by creating professional-looking posters in Adobe Photoshop.


-Educational Background-

• Bachelor of Science in Computer Games Technology – 2017 with 2:1

University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 2014-2017

• Increased skills in modelling, texturing and rigging gained by creating 3D props and animated characters for Unreal Engine 4 projects. These projects included a group project, in which my group created a sci-fi first-person shooter game, and an individual project where I created a port town environment and an animated cyborg pirate captain character that utilised motion capture data in its animation.

• Increased skills in digital sculpting gained from several units. In the second year, I modelled a Madagascar day gecko in 3dsMax and gave it a detailed, scaly texture using Mudbox and Photoshop. For my final year project, I created concept art and detailed 3D models of 1970s sci-fi inspired chairs. This art was created to a senior lecturer’s specifications for the University of Portsmouth’s ‘triple A game project’.

• Demonstrated writing and researching skills by writing a 13,617-word dissertation for my final year project. This dissertation documented my creative process and research into 1970s aesthetic, 3D art pipelines and working with clients.

• BTEC Level 3 in Creative Media Production – 2013 with Triple Distinction

Canterbury College, Canterbury, Kent, 2012-2013

• Gained experience creating a range of characters and environmental assets with 3dsMax.

• Gained experience using Adobe Photoshop to create textures, as well as drawing concept art, promotional art and comics.

• Created a real-time environment for a game demo using Unreal Development Kit.

• Total GCSES: 19

• Mathematics: B • English Language: A • English Literature: A • Science: B • Additional Science: B

Walmer Science College, Walmer, Kent - 2007-2011


-Software Skills-

Autodesk 3dsMax and Blender- Software used to create and UV map 3D assets. I have more years of experience with 3dsMax, but I can use either of them to create modular environmental assets and characters. I have also used both for rigging, skinning, animating and rendering.

Zbrush and Mudbox- Software used to sculpt intricate detail onto models and create high-poly versions of models. Sculpted detail can be baked down onto a low-poly version later with software such as Substance Painter.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Substance Painter- Photoshop has been useful for creating and editing textures, and as a tool to create concept art, storyboards and illustrations. Illustrator has been useful for creating high-quality UI elements and 2D art. Substance Painter has been a useful tool for creating detailed PBR materials that can be easily edited.

Unreal Engine 4 and Unity- Both these game engines have been useful for creating real-time 3D environments. I’m currently using Unreal Engine 4 to create new environments for my online portfolio. I’m able to make use of Unreal Engine 4’s various features such as decals, particle effects, lighting and blueprints.

Adobe Premiere Pro- Video editing software used to present 3D environments, games and animations in a professional manner.

(References available upon request)


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