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'Club Quetz' Unreal Engine 4 Environment

This environment focuses on an Aztec-styled temple that's been discovered and rebuilt into a large nightclub within a Mexican desert.

In this environment I wanted to try creating architecture on a larger scale, and have some atmospheric night-time lighting. I think it turned out well, but I'd be interested to hear what you think!

If you have any feedback or suggestions I'd be happy to hear them, so I can make an even better environment next time!

It took approximately 86 hours to create this environment.

To create it I used Unreal Engine 4, 3DSMax, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop and Tree It. All the 3D assets present in the environment have been created by me.

'Club Quetz' Unreal Engine 4 Environment

James skinner desert signed1

Screenshot 1

James skinner desert signed2

Screenshot 2

James skinner desert signed3

Screenshot 3

James skinner desert signed4

Screenshot 4

James skinner desert signed5

Screenshot 5

James skinner desert signed7

Screenshot 6

James skinner desert signed6

Screenshot 7

James skinner desert signed8

Screenshot 8

James skinner desert signed10

Screenshot 9

James skinner desert signed9

Screenshot 10

James skinner table substance

Texturing table in Substance Painter

James skinner table lods image

LODs Example (3DSMax)

James skinner table lods ue4

LODs Example (Unreal Engine 4)

James skinner temple modular parts1

Examples of Modular Assets

James skinner temple modular parts2

Examples of Modular Assets (Wireframe)

James skinner table texture

Table Diffuse

James skinner table normal

Table Normal

James skinner table roughness

Table Roughness

James skinner table uvmap v2

Table UV Map

James skinner table render1

Aztec-Styled Table Substance Painter Render

James skinner chair render1

Aztec-Styled Chair Substance Painter Render